Printmaking Studio



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We have recently expanded and upgraded our 3D workshops, enabling you to work alongside and be inspired by students from other creative disciplines.


The studio accommodates six distinctive printmaking areas:

  • Intaglio (etching, drypoint, photo-etching)
  • Relief (woodcut, linocut, collograph, monoprint)
  • Stencil (Screen-print)
  • Offset Lithography (autographic and photographic)
  • Cyanotypes
  • Editing suite

The studio is currently equipped with:

  • 3 intaglio presses (A Richardsons 100cm wide, a Rochat 66cm wide and a Polymetal 80cm wide)
  • A direct typography press (An A1 Columbian press: Frederic Ullmer, customized for relief printing).
  • A versatile hydraulic Beevers Press
  • 5 screen tables (maximum size A0)
  • A semi-automatic offset lithographic press (Mailänder)
  • 2 high-end large format inject printers (Epson9880, OCE2436)
  • Two sophisticated RIP software for positives and negatives.
  • One mac for post-production.
  • A range of wooden types.
  • A large format metal guillotine and a paper guillotine.
  • A 2K UV exposure unit.

Printmaking processes are introduced to individual student (or small groups). Open dialogue is encouraged around print-related-concepts in order to ensure that students follow creative routes. We believe that a well-presented and communicated idea will result in a successful and dynamic project.

Booking system:
The Printmaking Studio is fully accessible to all students but booking in advance is highly recommended as it can be busy at times. However, students have access to it during the Open Access Days (two days per week) in communication with technical staff.
From the 1st of July till end of September, the studio is open to MA students ONLY. There is always a term-timetable displayed in the studio.

Charging System and Sales:

  • Most materials are free of charge where projects are relevant to course modules and projects.
  • Big in scale or high in cost print projects might incur a charge.
  • There is A0 Bread and Butter paper available for sale for printmaking related projects ONLY. We do not sell any other paper (yet).


There is a great collection of prints made by students, staff and visiting artists kept in the Print room since 1970.

Services for alumni:
Screenprint: £25 per day or £15 per half day (9.30am-12.30pm and 1.30pm-5.00pm)
Etching, collagraph, monoprint, woodcut and linocut: £15 per day
Photo etching, offset lithography: £35 per day

Members of Staff:

  • Ioannis Belimpasakis (Technical Liaison Specialist)
  • Graeme Mackay (Senior Technician)
  • Marianne Keating (Technician-Staff Bureau)
  • Peter Judson (Technical Fellow)
  • Matthew Booker (Technical Fellow)



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