Paul Stafford

Honorary: Fellow
Position: Fellow of Kingston University


Paul Stafford was born in 1957, 10 minutes behind Peter, his twin brother. He grew up in a corner shop in Oldham and later moved with his family to Rochdale, where he attended the local college and discovered art. In his element, he progressed to study Fine Art at Lanchester Polytechnic in Coventry, where he met his future wife.

He moved to the Slade School of Fine Art to study MA Sculpture under his heroes Reg Butler and John Davies, and was named the 'Year's Most Promising Student'.

Immediately offered a solo show at the prestigious Angela Flowers Gallery, London, Paul then went on to represent Great Britain at Art Expo, New York.

Paul was selected for the Stanley Picker Fellowship in Sculpture at Kingston Polytechnic and spent a year working in the Sopwith Camel building, commuting on his Honda Super Dream 250 motorcycle from the East End.

Working with the human body as a focal point, his work is a reflection of his life. Recent work focused on Paul's escape from the crash landing of BA038 at Heathrow in 2008, returning from University business in Beijing. This event had a profound effect on his life and his work.

Whether drawing, painting or sculpting, Paul has always maintained his studio practice, which he believes has been an important motivator and example to his students.

Paul has shown his work extensively in the UK, Europe, Japan and the USA. His next London show, 'Sex in the City – Naked London', is scheduled for July 2013 in Gallery Different, Percy Street, 1,000 yards from the Slade School where it all began.

Paul spent 20 years at Kingston University. He forged important international links, most notably with Hiroshima City University, Japan. Over 2,500 students passed through his care, including his own two children. "What finer accolade can there be for a father and academic, than the fact that his children spent their most formative year working alongside their dad?" he says. "My proudest achievements are my marriage, my kids and the success of my students. It has been a privilege, an honour and a fantastic journey. I wouldn't have changed one minute of it. I dedicate this to 'the two Monas'. They know who they are."

Kingston University is pleased to recognise the achievements of Paul Stafford for his outstanding contribution to art and design education with the award of Fellow of Kingston University honoris causa.