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A Simple Act – Architecture & Landscape Vertical Project Showreel

Vertical Project 2014-15, School of Architecture & Landscape, Kingston University London.

Public space is where we live our lives, both as individuals in public and as a public. It comes in all shapes and sizes and gets used in ways that are often familiar, but which are sometimes unexpected.

As architects we recognise the importance of good public space, yet it is not always designed, and not all designed public space is good. Sometimes the qualities which make public space successful can be very subtle and we need to look carefully and think creatively if we are to learn to recognise and respond to them and communicate their value to others.
With this as our collective goal, we started the year by exploring, activating and transforming a wide range of public spaces in London; perhaps for a moment or perhaps, in some small way, for the future; perhaps by ourselves or in dialogue with others.