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The teaching programmes we offer are innovative and yet relevant to the needs of contemporary graduates. Our design teaching staff are drawn from experience within the department and from some of London’s best practices. They combine innovation and intellectual rigour with practical experience. Design teaching operates within studios and units on the architecture programmes and within and across years in landscape. It is supported by lecture courses, seminars, workshops and visits focusing on history and theory, technology and practice.

Both the architecture and landscape areas engage in strategic projects which cross levels and courses, offering the opportunity for engagement between years and have allowed the department to collectively engage with strategic thinking at the scale of the city and the landscape.

Architecture and Landscape at Kingston School of Art (our new name from September 2017) has a strong tradition of thinking through making, taking advantage of the wonderful facilities and the culture which comes from being part of a faculty of art and design. On some courses students have the chance to choose options in bronze casting, stone carving, concrete or rapid prototyping. You might also choose to engage with a live project, working on real sites, constructing physical structures and engaging with communities.

The department can also be understood as a research space, at many levels. Members of staff operate at the highest level across the breadth of our disciplines, encompassing historical, theoretical, building science and practice based research.

Beyond individual staff members the work being undertaken by the architecture students in relation to the London Development Agency’s East London Green Grid Programme is an example of a research project engaged with by the student body as a whole. This has been a tradition in the landscape area for some years, where the Landscape Interface Studio regularly engages with real clients and funded research.