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Archilab – Environmental and Sustainable Architectural Design

Welcome to ArchiLab, the Architectural Science and Technology Laboratory, in the School of Architecture + Landscape, here at Kingston University London.

We specialise in the quantitative and qualitative assessment of environmental and sustainable building design and we have the expertise and equipment to carry out assessments throughout the design, construction and the occupation of buildings.

ArchiLab has been operational since September 2006 and was originally funded by the Government’s Science & Research Investment Fund (SRIF). Since then, we have secured funding for research and enterprise, we have increased the number of active research and technical staff and we are now engaging at a professional level with industry.

We have three primary functions, teaching, research and consultancy, and we cover three broad areas, light, sound and comfort.

Teaching – ArchiLab is embedded, and located, in the School of Architecture + Landscape and is used extensively by the School’s students. ArchiLab allows students to test their ideas and propositions both physically and digitally in a hands-on environment.

Research – A number of active research staff, and students, work in the broad area of environmental and sustainable design. ArchiLab is the home of the ArchiLab Research Group (ARG). This group comprises a number of active researchers and staff who are involved in research within the broad field of environmental and sustainable building design.

Consultancy – ArchiLab offers a number of consultancy services to organisations external to Kingston University in a number of areas relating to the sustainable and environmental assessment of buildings.

Dr Stephen Pretlove
Director of ArchiLab
Associate Professor in Architectural Science and Technology
School of Architecture + Landscape