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Architecture and Landscape Exhibition 2017

Architecture and Landscape at Kingston University invites you to view its Summer Exhibition for 2017, showing the work of our Architecture and Landscape courses alongside those of the wider art and design courses in the faculty.

You are invited to attend the private view for our practice evening on Wednesday 7 June, 6.00pm–8.00pm.

The Architecture and Landscape exhibition will be open 3–21 June 2017.

This year, and for the next number of years we will set the work of the school under the theme ‘Dwelling in the Periphery’. We do so, not with a set understanding as to the extent nor the nature of this territory, but rather with a will to see and to embrace the diverse contexts and conditions we find as having value in themselves.

Starting with London’s periphery we will extend our gaze to commonalities with this condition across the UK and Europe, in which we see a shared fabric of disaggregated form, hybridity of language and tectonic ambiguity. Our goal is to build piecemeal to an atlas of this fragmentary landscape by studying and speculating on its histories and futures.

We will broaden our means of engagement by valuing the voices of those from a diverse range of fields who also connect with these places – but will remain true to our ethos as territorial architects, and in thinking through architectural culture to make meaningful work. Caught between ideal and real, between found and imposed, between drawing and experience we will seek to understand the essential by considering the relational.