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Year 1 – Level 4

The first year introduces students to ideas and fundamental concepts and encourages a wide range of different ways of considering and thinking about architecture. It also aims to provide a platform for the development of basic skills and understanding across all of the core subjects. Students are expected to creatively respond to tasks and challenges suggested in briefs, but also to take ownership of their own studies, develop, pursue, communicate, and collaborate with others on personal interests. Effective time management and accepting responsibility for meeting deadlines are essential for successfully mastering the challenges of first year.

First year engages with a series of investigations into material, form, context and space; moving from the scale of the room, to the house and ultimately to an urban situation.

First year is taught largely as a year, with shared projects, although students are taught within smaller tutor groups, or studios. Students rotate through different tutor groups, and so experience a range of approaches to the principles of architectural design.

A field trip to Paris, as well as a programme of visits and tours in London, will take place.

In second semester studios work on different, but similarly scaled projects, in order to put into practice some of the skills they have learnt earlier in the year, and to demonstrate that they are ready to enter second year.