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Studio 1.1 – 2008/09

Studio 1.1, Robin Sondergaard, Section

First year engages with a series of investigations into material, form, context and space; moving from the scale of the room, to the house and ultimately to an urban situation. The Victoria and Albert Museum became a site for studies, which focused on its interior spaces and the artefacts they contain. These were surveyed and modeled at scale 1:20 and subsequently became sites for intervention; accommodating devices and spaces for study, performance and other activities. Configurations of a series of spaces at a domestic scale were then explored through the study of a series of seminal houses, culminating in a field trip to Paris, where the year visited the Villa Savoie, Maison Louis Carre, and Maison de Verre, along with other canonical and contemporary buildings.

The second half of the year was focused around a series of studio based projects situated in the centre of Croydon, alongside the rest of the School. Students were asked to apply the skills and knowledge acquired through the earlier projects, alongside learning new techniques of creative and critique analysis at the scale of both the site and the city. Collectively, these allowed students to begin to positively intervene and to establish architectural propositions within a complex urban context.