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Studio 2.5 – 2014/15


Work, rest and play

Lorna Davies and Mario Pilla

We will be looking a riverside setting in London, along the banks of the Thames, with the UNESCO Heritage site of Kew Gardens as a backdrop.

We will respond to the water and the street, looking at the space in between, and undertaking two projects over the year, which will explore the following themes:

Semester one
At ground level the site is defined on one edge by a boardwalk, railings, and at intervals, moored boats. On the other, the site steps up a couple of metres, and is greeted by a pavement and a rather unassuming London ‘A’ road scattered with new build, medium-rise housing, shops, and churches. The space in between is laid to lawn. Here we will focus on designing and siting an Artisan Bakery.

Inter semester
We take a literal journey: the field trip. Undertaking a mini ‘Grand Tour’, traditionally an educational rite of passage. The Northern Towns and Cities of Italy will be our final destination. En route, studio conversations will develop themes of ‘water’, ‘dwelling’ and artisan food production as we allow some indulgence in architectural and culinary delights while looking at the water’s edge in Italy.

Semester two
The brief for semester two, will begin when we return from the field trip. The major project of the year will bring together a place of work and rest in the form of a discreet arrangement of residential units alongside an artisan food facility.