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MSc Sustainable Building Design and Performance

It is now widely accepted that global carbon emissions have led to climate change and that the built environment is a major contributor to this.

In the UK, buildings contribute to half of all CO2 emissions and the current Government have committed to reducing CO2 emissions to 80% of 1990 levels by the year 2050. Reducing carbon emissions will require significant changes in the design and construction of buildings, but also critically, in the way that we commission, occupy, operate and maintain them.

This course takes a holistic approach to the whole process of the procurement of genuinely sustainable buildings and deals as much with the measured performance of occupied buildings as it does with architectural design intent.

A considerable body of knowledge exists, which shows that there is a significant gap between design intent and actual performance. This course focuses on integrating these two strands of the procurement spectrum in order to re-evaluate traditional systems for the design, construction and operation of sustainable, lifelong, adaptable low carbon buildings.

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