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Kingston Architects’ Live Project at Ecobuild 2014

Ecobuild - Oblique V#3987D5

Kingston University: Room

Tectonics and the act of making are fundamental to the development of projects across all five years of the school.

Perhaps the culmination of this strand of the School’s academic activities are the Live Projects that Postgraduate and Masters students undertake across an academic year. In previous years students have built a number of simple, functional structures for various organisations including The Hannah Barry and Stanley Picker galleries, which have employed low cost standard materials to create particular spaces as a direct response to a given brief.

In contrast to these previous projects this years students have been asked to build a useable full scale room that speculates on pre-fabricated timber construction and also addresses an interest in encouraging creative collaboration across the School of Architecture & Landscape as a means of fostering a set of common interests.

Designed as a free-standing building, the room is deliberately angled against the grid plan of the exhibition hall to demonstrate its subtly varying character and articulation. The room presents a different elevation on all four sides and deliberately refutes the notion that a student project should be in some way simply gestural and ‘novel’.

The proposal employs laminated orientated strand board (OSB) as its main structural system with its seemingly random surface grain indirectly referencing the rustication that can be found on buildings of the European renaissance. The interior purpose of the room also draws from an interpretation of the studiolo of the Italian quattrocentro as the room contains a series of projects particular to the school, which describe specific interests of differing groups of students and tutors engaged with various client groups and users as part of the ongoing process of public engagement that the School is developing across its architecture and landscape courses.

Project Leader:
Andrew Budd, Senior Lecturer Tectonics and Technology

Amerildo Gkiosa
Chetan Hirani
Daniel Titchener
Alex Tonks
Kate Ivinson
Jamie Bartle
Kristina Rogers
Junaid Ghafour
Gerardo Zunica Perez

Special thanks to:
Martin Hurn UBM
David Derby, Price & Myers
Richard Trupp