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MA Landscape + Urbanism

MA Landscape +Urbanism, a programme developing a clear global identity. Our urban environments are facing rapid change; notions of urbanity are adapting in the face of altering economies and the growing threat of climate change. These challenges require a new look at the potentials of landscape in the context of contemporary urbanism.

The ways in which we design for and work within these environments requires new models for approach and intervention. The MA in Landscape + Urbanism has been specifically developed for architects, designers and strategic planners, with theory and practice, education and experience, who wish to be proactive in the design of urbanities of the future. Considerations of spatial form and programme are central, involving factors of scale, speed, time, change, material quality and the increased focus of personal experience in external space.  Projects address live briefs at a range of scales, from the strategic, to the detailed site-specific, explored through interdisciplinary and team collaboration.  Recently, students from places as diverse as China, Brazil, Columbia, India, Japan, Taiwan plus Europe and the UK, have embark upon projects that reflect personal ambitions and a growing curiosity, fuelled by their shared experiences of Landscape and Urbanism projects within the Landscape Interface Studio. Engagement with project partners across Europe brings students into contact with a spectrum of communities, conditions and professionals, allowing for further re-evaluation of the scope and priorities of contemporary practice and theory.

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