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Landscape Interface Studio


The Landscape Interface Studio project was developed and supported by Associate Professor Pat Brown’s National Teaching Fellowship awarded in 2003. Landscape Interface Studio is now run by Pat Brown, with project co-ordinator Carine Brannan in the Department of Architecture and Landscape, Faculty of Art, Design & Architecture.

Providing a point of contact and exchange between Kingston University and the real world, at home and abroad, Landscape Interface Studio is commitment to the transfer of knowledge and ideas between education, practice and research.  Exchanges between postgraduate and professional fields of practice are encouraged through interdisciplinary group activity and live projects.

Students are active players and agents of change, collaborating with staff to harness their collective creativity on projects with the challenge of real time requirements and the benefits of client contact. We anticipate the needs of a world with an uncertain future, a world which requires postgraduates to possess a holistic perception and an ability to engage and adapt to the spatial issues we face today and those of our future generations, tomorrow.

Through live projects such as ‘NorthSEAfaring’ and Waterways Forward’, both EU funded consultancy projects and the recent AHRC funded, “LimehouseCut pilot project – linking place and creativity”, students contributed beyond the studio, working with project stakeholders at all levels with a part to play in shaping space in the UK and beyond.

To find out what we’re working on now read the LandscapeIS blog.

Exploration: Brief development and feasibility studies
Appraisal: Survey and data collection across environmental, social, cultural and economic spheres
Strategy: Integrated frameworks for planning and implementation, recognising opportunities for immediate intervention and long term prediction
Engagement: Public consultation
Participatory design strategies
Event and exhibition programming
Design proposals for constructed and planted environments
Maintenance and management strategies


Landscape Interface Studio
Department of Architecture & Landscape
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