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Dr Stephen Pretlove

Associate Professor

Stephen has an education in construction engineering, architecture and environmental studies. His academic interests include sustainable and environmental architectural design, with a particular emphasis on energy and carbon emissions, and the health impacts of indoor environments. Stephen is the Director of ArchiLab, the Faculty’s Architectural Science and Technology Laboratory, a state-of-the-art facility for assessing the environmental and sustainable issues associated with building design in the three broad areas of lighting, acoustics and comfort. ArchiLab is active in research, teaching and consultancy

For the last five years Stephen’s research has focused on the development of sustainable expertise in practice, through Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) with local architectural, construction and property companies. A completed two-year KTP project with Clive Chapman Architects led to the development of an in-house sustainability consultancy and was judged as outstanding by the funding agency (TSB). A more substantial current KTP project, with mspace Ltd, is currently in operation, involving two Associates and two Academic Supervisors from within the Faculty. This project is made unique by the fact that the design, construction and occupation of domestic and commercial buildings are all carried out within the same organisation, allowing the project to examine the processes involved in these stages and the impact that we can have on sustainable design, construction and use of domestic and non-domestic buildings.

Stephen has published his work widely in refereed journals, at international conferences and in books and has won awards for his research. His work has also received international media coverage through the medium of print, radio, television and the internet by organisations including the BBC, Channel 4 and National Geographic.

Dr Stephen Pretlove