FADA alumna’s tribute to Suffragette movement unveiled in Parliament

    FADA graduate Mary Branson's installation unveiled in parliamentFADA alumna and artist Mary Branson’s artwork “New Dawn” has been installed at the Houses of Parliament, in the spot regularly used by Suffragettes and their supporters to demonstrate for women’s right to vote.

    The colours of the blown glass scrolls match those used by the different campaign groups that took part in the movement, while the back lighting changes according to the tides of the Thames, representing the unstoppable tide of social change – another symbol often used by the Suffragettes.

    Branson graduated from Kingston University with an MA in Art and Space with distinction in 2004.

    “My tutors really inspired and challenged me and my time at university helped set the pattern for how I work today,” she said. “I think it’s important to try to understand your core ideas and to question your own work constantly in order to refine it.”

    Read the full story on the Kingston University website.





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