FixFair: Kingston University’s pop-up workshops fix everyday problems through design

    FixFair is taking to the streets of Kingston to show how Open Design can benefit users and communities and engender a “Made in Kingston” ethos.

    Inspired by the “FixPerts” model, FixFair will see a panel of designers and dedicated workshops visiting the high street, market squares, estates, schools and care homes of Kingston to increase sustainability and improve lives.

    From fixing broken household goods to ‘hacking’ or adapting existing products in innovative ways, FixFair will bring the solutions to the problems, helping people excluded economically, those with care of child commitments, and those with physical and mental challenges.

    By collaborating with local schools and community groups, FixFair will enhance creative skills and encourage community engagement, while promoting the Faculty’s central ethos of “thinking through making.”

    For more information and to find out how to support the project, check out FixFair’s Spacehive page.

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