Kingston University lecturer brands art forger “unethical” in Sky News interview

    Dr Thomas Flynn condemned David Henty's  work as "unethical."

    Dr Thomas Flynn condemned David Henty’s copycat work as “unethical.”

    An forger who gained notority – and an exhibition at a Brighton gallery – for copying and selling world famous paintings from Van Gogh, Picasso and Modiglianim has been criticised by a Kingston University lecturer and expert art appraiser on Sky News.

    David Henty, previously convicted for forging passports and number plates, sold hundreds of his paintings on Ebay before a Daily Telegraph investigation exposed him and he was banned from the online auction site for life.

    Henty defended the forgeries, complete with fake signatures and deliberately-aged canvasses, as “a little trick people do” and has since rebranded himself a “copyist” on legal advice.

    Kingston University’s MA Art Market Appraisal course leader, Dr Thomas Flynn, took Henty to task for the forgeries.

    “He has done something which is deeply unethical,” said Dr Flynn.

    “Not only in the art market terms but generally, and he is benefiting from that in some way.”

    Henty defended his work on the grounds that the art market is “skewiff” and claimed that “a lot of people would be happy to put one on their wall.”

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