Senior researcher Dr Jonathan Black shows the many faces of Winston Churchill in new book

    Senior research fellow in the history of art at Kingston University, Dr Jonathan Black has released a new book detailing the representations of one of Britain’s most famous war heroes, entitled ‘Winston Churchill in British Art, 1900 to the Present Day’.

    In the heavily-illustrated book which contains 100 plates by more than 70 artists in its 280 pages, Dr Black covers the changing image of Churchill in a time of mass-produced cartoons in newspapers, through to photographs, scultpures and paintings.

    Dr Black said his book is the first on the subject of Churchill’s image. “I was interested in exploring the extent to which Churchill was complicit in the creation of his own ‘look’,” he explained. “It took me the best part of two years to research and I had the help of the Churchill Archive in Churchill College, Cambridge.”

    “The book also includes some striking, more recent images by Banksy and Marcus Harvey, which depict him as a jovial punk rocker complete with Mohican hairstyle and by Ralph Steadman in which he is transformed into a genial, cigar-smoking cat,” he said.

    The book, covered by the popular image of Churchill as a bulldog standing guard over England in June 1940, received an enthusiastic review from the London Review of Books which described it as a brisk and enjoyable biography.

    Dr Black’s book is now available for purchase.

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