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Volker Eichelmann - On Peacock Island, Focal Point Gallery 2017



Cullinan Richards - Goodbye Charles, Charles H scott gallery Vancouver CA, 2017




Cullinan Richards - Of Other Spaces, where does gesture become event? Cooper gallery Dundee 2016–17

Of Other Spaces

Of Other Spaces, Chapter Two

Of Other Spaces, Action Group Symposium


Andrew Bick - Original Ghost Variety Shifted Double Echo, Haus Konstruktive, Zurich 2016–2017



Jeanine Richards with Fiona Fisher (MIRC)
Joint paper given at the Paul mellon centre Symposium 'Making Womens Art Matter - new approaches to the histories and legacies of women artists', November 2016



Alexis Teplin, Arch (The Politics of Fragmentation), Sydney Biennale, Australia 2016


Lucy Parker, BLACKLIST


Phillip Warnell (Producer), Random Acts



Zoe Childerley, VARC artist in residence 2016



Elizabeth Price, A Restoration, Ashmolean Museum Oxford May–March 2016




Adam Gillam - Stop Bugging Me, TINTYPE GALLERY, London 2015




Phillip Warnell, Ming of Harlem 2014




Centre for Useless Splendour - Reading Room launch, 4–18 December 2013. Brought together publications commissioned by the Centre for Useless Splendour since its establishment in 2010 and launched new publications from Esther Windsor, Mark Greenwood, Roderick Harris, Enda Deburca & John Russell, Laura Cull & Simon O’Sullivan, John Beck & Matthew Cornford. The exhibition also hosted a sculptural commission from artist duo Ox Art.

Anti-Academy: Symposium
, John Hansard Gallery. This half-day symposium examined the ideas, processes, workshops and legacies of three radical art educational models in 1960s Japan (Bigakko, Tokyo), the USA (The Intermedia Programme, University of Iowa) and Denmark (Ex-School, Copenhagen).


23 November 2013, Anti-Academy: Symposium, John Hansard Gallery


Cullinan Richards performance evening, ƒƒ / Forma, KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin. An evening exploring the experimental relationships between painting and performance. Special guest, Princessin Hans, guided participants through the evening culminating with an exclusive concert.


STAG - Arte Critica November issue 2013. Woodcut Disco at Wild West Active Space, Maastricht. An exhibition of new work by Dean Kenning and Kate Janes.



Woodcut Disco, Wild West Active Space, Maastricht.


Women’s Art Society, Mostyn
- The first exhibition in the series that looked at the history of MOSTYN and how that history is tied to events beyond its local, national and international context. Meriç Algün Ringborg, Sol Calero, Volker Eichelmann, Claire Fontaine, Tim Foxon, Andrea Fraser, Guerrilla Girls, Jens Haaning, Catherine Opie, Martha Rosler, Danh Vo, Ai Weiwei.

To the Reader, BAK, Utrecht.
Including work by the Capital Drawing Group (Andrew Cooper, Enda Deburca, Dean Kenning, John Russell). The Capital Drawing Group engaged in an ongoing project to illustrate Volume one of Marx’ Capital. For this exhibition they presented 60 posters both inside the gallery and fly-posted around the streets of Utrecht.



STAG - group show curated by Cullinan Richards - [also showing Andrew Bick, Alexis Teplin], Dispari & Dispari, Reggio Emilia.


Dead Stock is a publication and installation by Roman Vasseur for the Stanley Picker Gallery that employs a library of books from the vampire genre to create a single large volume publication. Dead Stock brings together the previously dispersed children of the vampire genre and its sub genres to generate this single edition book. Using an exhaustive collection of vampire novels collated by the artist, the Stanley Picker Gallery, students of the Fine Art course at Kingston and members of the public – the pages of this amassed library have been reassembled, combined, scanned and transcribed by a data entry service in Bangalore (Flatworld Solutions) to produce the final rolling text. Stanley Picker Gallery, Kingston University, Knights Park Campus, Kingston Upon Thames KT1 2QJ.


Andrew Bick, monographpublished with Galerie Von Bartha in Basel and Hales Gallery in London. A survey of projects since 2008 which works as a summary of research since then through visual documentation, commissioned texts and a selected bibliography. The book contains an expanded version of the interview with curator David Thorp, from January 2012 and a text from Swedish curator Steffi Hessler.

The Starseed Transmission: a diagrammatic message from outerspace. Enclave. Sovay Berriman / Plastique Fantastique / Rowena Harris / Dean Kenning / Inês Rebelo.


Talk at the Whitechapel Gallery to mark the launch of the book Reclaim the Mural.



Mise en Scène, Directed by Cullinan Richards, Bow Arts Open 2013

Exhibition opened by Sarah Elson, Independent Art Advisor and Curator. Bermondsey Project, 46 Willow Walk, London SE1 5SF. In conjunction with Crisis the national charity for single homeless people.


Mike Nelson, Solo Exhibition, Contemporary Art Gallery (CAG), Vancouver

First solo exhibition in Canada of work by the renowned British artist Mike Nelson., including an ambitious series of sculptures produced in partnership with The Power Plant in Toronto, and a new photographic work made in association with the Walter Phillips Gallery in Banff, its starting point family photographs taken between 1957 and 1972 by the distinguished Canadian anthropologist Dr. Wilson Duff.


14 September 2013 - 3 November 2013, Mike Nelson Solo Exhibition, Contemporary Art Gallery (CAG) Vancouver, Canada


Andrea Stokes, Solo exhibition - Thelma Hulbert Gallery and Devon Guild of Craftsmen presented a dual exhibition of artist-makers whose work references and challenges lace.


Dean Kenning, 'Which Side is Art On' Art Monthly. Co-written with Margareta Kern. An analysis of neoliberal practices in art.



Dean Kenning, 'What Schools Can Offer Art: Towards an Avant-Gardist Conception of Gallery Education', Visual Culture in Britain. This article comes out of research carried out at Tate Learning and follows the symposium of the same name at Tate Modern.



Work in Progress [Benedict Drew, Emma Hart, Dai Jenkins, Dean Kenning, Corinna Till], Reclaim the Mural, with an Introduction by Owen Hatherley. Published by Whitechapel Gallery. A series of texts exploring the politics of mural production in London from the mid 70s to mid 80s, including issues such as housing, public space, the social role of art, and the politics of arts funding.



'Geologies of Value and Vestige' Symposium, July, Centre for Useless Splendour

The one-day symposium developed by Martin Westwood and Charlie Tweed who are PHD researchers in the Contemporary Art Research Centre (CARC) at Kingston University. As a result of our ongoing research projects, two objects, an image and a text, were discussed. A selection of artists, curators and writers were invited to respond to them through replies that could include both the generation of artworks and academic papers.
The symposium explored the movement and transformation of commodities, investigating the biographies of materials and products. In differing ways the text and the image both articulate the metamorphoses of material and information as it forms, constructs and negotiates economies. The event aimed to expand the understandings of the biopolitics of objects, the geologies of materials and the system of valorisation and accumulation that commodities engineer. We are also interested in how processes of automation and feedback that are enabled by new technologies have created what Michel Serres calls “a revolution operating on matter”*; and how circulation becomes closely linked with devaluation and vestigial waste.

Martin Westwood inviting Ali Eisa (artist/Lloyd Corporation), Melissa Gordon (artist), Isobel Harbison (curator). Charlie Tweed inviting Melanie Jackson (artist), Jennifer Gabrys (author), Andy Weir (artist and PHD researcher) and Tom Trevatt (curator and PHD researcher). An accompanying video programme will screen through the day until 7.30 pm in the foyer of Stanley Picker Gallery. The screening includes video from Benedict Drew, Lloyd Corporation, Hannah Sawtell, Charlie Tweed, Andy Weir and Martin Westwood.



26 October 2013 - 5 January 2014. Women's Art Society, Mostyn

26 October 2013 - 5 January 2014. Women's Art Society, Mostyn.


November 2013, Woodcut Disco at Wild West Active Space, Maastricht

November 2013, Woodcut Disco at Wild West Active Space, Maastricht.


19 October - 3 November 2013, To the Reader, BAK, Utrecht

19 October - 3 November 2013, To the Reader, BAK, Utrecht


Reclaim the mural, Whitechapel Gallery, 27 September 2013

27 September 2013, Reclaim the Mural, Whitechapel Gallery.


14 September - 2 November 2013, Andrea Stokes, Solo exhibition

14 September - 2 November 2013, Andrea Stokes, Solo exhibition.