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SLIMVOLUME, Andrew Hunt, director

In 2000 Slimvolume was established as an annual ‘Poster Publication’ publishing a portfolio of prints. In 2014, Slimvolume expanded to become a contemporary art press, commssioning and promoting solo monographs, artists’ books, thematic readers and more. Simvolume also runs an events programme that includes performances, talks and film screenings.


DORA FILES - VOLUME 1, Dorich House and Kingston School of Art

Dora: Dialogues on Women’s Creative Practice and Thinking Dora is a collaboration between Dorich House Museum and research centres within Kingston School of Art. Inspired by and reflecting upon Estonian sculptor Dora Gordine’s personal and professional legacy, this volume aims to provide an intellectual space for framing and disseminating ideas, images and words that consider the breadth of women’s creative practice, and a platform from which to generate an open dialogue within an international context.



GUTTERS OF GOLD, Volker Eichelmann and Stephen Tennant
Stephen Tennant (1906–1987), a decadent socialite and ‘the brightest’ of the “Bright Young People”, contemplated a novel about “high life with a capital H and full of crude impossibilities”. While the book itself never materialised, Tennant made many drawings of potential book covers. Gutters of Gold is artist Volker Eichelmann's response to Tennant’s drawings, a series of evocative paintings and collages combined with Tennant’s images which highlight the preoccupations shared by both Tennant and Eichelmann, including Modernism and hedonism, and unusually, how they can manifest in the countryside.



THE ART SCHOOL AND THE CULTURE SHED, John Beck & Matthew Cornford. With an introduction by Dean Kenning.
John Beck and Matthew Cornford's project to find the lost art schools of Britain opens up a hidden world, one which connects the study of art to specific places, to local industries and to a civic function in ways which seem quite alien to us today. And yet these images of often very beautiful art school buildings, now reused, boarded up, privately owned, or absent from the spaces they once occupied, should not lead one to read John and Matthew’s project as an excercise in nostalgia. As emblems of something lost, they speak of matters closer to hand.



DELEUZE FOR ARTISTS, Laura Cull & Simon O'Sullivan
Illustrated transcript of talks delivered for the Stanley Picker Lectures on Art series, 2012 at The Swan The speakers examine the practical relevance of Gilles Deleuze's philosophy for artists today.


DEMONIC DESIRES OF THE HELLFIRE NANNY STATE, Enda Deburca & John Russell Illustrated transcript of talks delivered for the Stanley Picker Lectures on Art series, 2012 at The Swan. Two artists explore the politics of accumulation, enjoyment, and porn in the context of savage welfare cuts.



This book was published to accompany the exhibition TO DO by Emma Hart at Matt's Gallery, London. It includes an essay by the writer Sally O'Reilly. Co-published by Matt’s Gallery and the Centre for Useless Splendour, Kingston University. ISBN 978-0-907623-78-6


Centre for Useless Splendour: A book



The book is divided into four parts, which mark the four rooms of the imaginary research institution, the Centre for Useless Splendour. The rooms are as follows: The Foyer – where work is considered in a social context; The Machine Room – where art meets technology; The Hall of Records – where art engages with questions of knowledge; and The Lumber Room – where materiality is the focus. Within the format of the spiral binding, each of the four sections can form the front and back cover of the book as a whole. Some contributors’ work is contained within one of the rooms, others have multiple works which spill over across multiple rooms.

The book features the work of 30 artists and writers working at Kingston:
SE Barnet, Andrew Bick, Henry Bond, Cullinan Richards, Arnaud Desjardin, Volker Eichelmann, Ana Genoves, Dagmar Glausnitzer, Roderick Harris, Emma Hart, Dan Hays, Ann Hulland, Sarah Jones, Dean Kenning, Dave Loder, Stine Ljungdalh, Brian McCann, Katy MacCleod, Frank Millward, Julie Myers, Louis Nixon, Regina Peldszus, Elizabeth Price, Renwick & Blower, Bridget Smith, Andrea Stokes, Roman Vasseur, Martin Westwood. ISBN: 978-0-9563-782-4-8

SEX, MAGICK, UTOPIA, FINANCE, Edited by Dean Kenning

These four booklets are illustrated transcriptions of a series of four themed talks which took place between April – May 2009 at the Stanley Picker Gallery, Kingston University.

1. Cosey Fanni Tutti in conversation with Andrew Wheatley
2. David Burrows (Plastique Fantastique) & Andy Sharp (English Heretic), chaired by John Cussans
3. Chad McCail in conversation with Esther Leslie
4. Anthony Davies & Benedict Seymour, chaired by Ian Hunt


The Art School and the Culture Shed


Deleuze for Artists


Sex, Magick, Utopia, Finance: Cosey Fanni Tutti in conversation with Andrew Wheatley


Sex, Magick, Utopia, Finance: David Burrows (Plastique Fantastique) & Andy Sharp (English Heretic), chaired by John Cussans


Sex, Magick, Utopia, Finance: Chad McCail in conversation with Esther Leslie


Sex, Magick, Utopia, Finance: Anthony Davies & Benedict Seymour, chaired by Ian Hunt