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CARC is currently led by co-Directors: Associate Professors Jeanine Richards and Volker Eichelmann and Senior Lecturer Andrew Bick. Key Researchers include: Professors: Mike Nelson, Elizabeth Price, Louis Nixon and Charlotte Cullinan, Associate Professors: Amanda Ure, Phillip Warnell, Julian Rodrigez, Reader Katy McCleod, Post Doctoral Researcher: Dr Dean Kenning and Early Career Researchers: Andrew Hunt, Claire Holdsworth, Matthew Flintham, Lauren Winsor, Alexis Teplin, Michelle Williams-Gamaker.



Jo Addison

Andrew Bick

Dr Ruth Blacksell

Dr Henry Bond

Zoe Childerly

Charlotte Cullinan, Professor

Rachel Davies

Volker Eichelmann

Diego Ferrari

Matthew Flintham

Andrew Gillam

Charlotte Ginsborg

Mark Harris

Claire Holsworth

Dr Andrew Hunt

Dean Kenning

Ken McMullen, Professor, Anniversary Chaire

Charlie Murphy

Mike Nelson, Professor
Louis Nixon, Professor, Associate Dean

Dr Elizabeth Price, Professor

Jeanine Richards

Julian Rodriguez

Richard Squires

Andrea Stokes

Robert Tarbet

Matilda Tristram

Alexis Teplin

Amanda Ure

Roman Vasseur

Phillip Warnell

Lauren Winsor


Current research students

Melissa Gordon (PhD) - (Techne) 'The Expansive Gesture: locating the value of a contemporary painting gesture in an expanded art field'

Bill Leslie (PhD) - (Techne) ‘What is it if not right here? Questioning the sculptural objects constitution in representational media’

Maryam Tafakory - 'Devotion and Absence: Intimate codes of reciprocity between the sacrosanct, artist, film and spectator'

Gareth Jones - ‘How to fabricate the ideal city’

Christian Newby - ‘Hierarchies of Art and Craft through the representation of Domestic Space’

Rupert Norfolk - ‘The Mobility of Facts: in what ways have our changing relation to things altered the potential of encounters with sculpture?’

Daniel Shanken - ‘The Brain and Subjectivity: Neurological investigations into Art Practice’

Jonathan Allen (AHRC) - 'Good Guile. An Iconography of Positive Deception'

Anat Ben-David - ‘Composition as Alienation in Art’

Rachel Cattle (AHRC Techne) - I am a Stylus: Play, Erase, Replay and Overdub as Strategies for Contemporary Fine Art Practice.

Lucy Coggle (AHRC Techne) - ‘Shimmering the Screen - Surface tension and perpetual vacillation in the digital image’

Jenna Collins (AHRC Techne) - Involuntary and Irregular: An interdisciplinary study of trembling, the trembling body and narratives of trembling through moving image practice

Stine Ljungdalh - How can the idea of 'the event' be identified in European alchemy and within broader discourses of subjectivity?

David Panos (AHRC Techne) - full time, The History of The End of History: The Revisiting, Referencing and Recycling of the Recent Past in Contemporary Art and Culture. (MA progression onto PhD)

Charlie Tweed (AHRC) - Re-writing the overcode: machinic modelling as artistic strategy

Martin Westwood - 'They live in value just as people live in gravity'

Esther Winsor - 'Ugly beast: a critical study of curating contemporary fine art'

Seyyed Sadegh Aleahmad - MPhil


Graduated Research Students

Emma Hart - How to Do Things with Cameras 2013

Mark Greenwood - The Performing Body in the Event of Writing: ‘Lad Broke’, 20 April 2012, Camp Furnace, Liverpool 2013

Dan Hays - Painting in the Light of Digital Photography 2012

Susan Barnet - Journeying to Eudemonia: Travel as a Creative Consideration 2012

Arnaud Desjardin (AHRC) - The Everyday Press, an Imprint of Books by Artists 2012

Matthew Thompson (AHRC) - Fragments from a Future Archive 2012

Ailbhe Ni-Brihain - The Aesthetics of Exile- An Exploration of Location and Dislocation within the Image Space and its Application to Textuality and Visuality in Ireland 2009

John Russell - Staging and the Event: Performative Strategies in Contemporary Art 2007

Anastasia Souliotou - Art and Movement in Public Transport Networks of Contemporary Metropolises [MA by Research] 2012