Centre for Research through Design


An important development at Kingston School of Art (our new name from 2017) has been the identification of specialist Design expertise and the designation of associate research groupings. The Centre for Research through Design at Kingston University is supported by a dynamic, intellectual and creative environment for practice and theory, led by researchers engaging with cultural, environmental and presentational contexts of design activity that interface with an evolving portfolio of postgraduate research. Design practice also actively intersects other University areas in support of innovative trans-disciplinary research, linking with Engineering, Avionics, Biotechnology, Social Science, Computer Science and Health Care Faculties.


Research through Design is developed through three distinct specialist areas of excellence and innovation, which inform and support postgraduate research, the creative industries and wider cultural and public realms.


Designed Environments (DE) assembles over ten years of established research practice that addresses design issues pertaining to everyday interfaces with materials, products, spaces and buildings with sustainable practices as a core concern.


Design for Body & Material (DfBM) is an embryonic research and enterprise grouping with research underpinned by fashion theory and an innovation-driven MA Fashion programme.


Design for Communication & Image (DfCI) at PG and research level supports teaching and research in graphics, illustration and moving image design, underpinned by digital media technology and communication across design areas.


The Centre for Research through Design interfaces with industry through Innoversity a space that fosters cross and interdisciplinary Research and Enterprise activity, linking with local and international commerce, engaging with academics and researchers, alumni and post-graduate students to consider new methods and approaches to design via knowledge transfer, live projects and consultancy including: Seat; Givaudan; InCrops; Sense; M&S; Mspace.


The Centre for Research through Design at Kingston School of Art is further enhanced by the Stanley Picker Gallery, which forms part of the Arts Council England’s prestigious National Portfolio for three years starting April 2012. The Gallery is a venue for development, presentation and public engagement with an innovative programme of contemporary international exhibitions and events. It supports a unique interdisciplinary Fellowship scheme, which commissions new work from significant artists and designers whose interventions link public audiences, students and academics from Kingston School of Art. Design Fellows have included those from hybrid product, fashion, graphics and illustration practices such as:


Boudicca, Marloes ten Bhomer, Daniel Eatock, Sara Fanelli, Julia Lohmann, Ab Rogers, El Ultimo Grito, Shelley Fox


Partner organisations include the Design Museum; British Council; Arts Council England; Henry Moore Foundation, The Architecture Foundation, the V&A and Live Art Development Agency London.