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Research Students


At Kingston University, postgraduate research provides a highly valued and vital contribution to the broader research environment. Innovation and research excellence in practice and theoretical design thinking is fostered in recognition of how postgraduate research can both inform and pioneer future scenarios globally. The Faculty of Art and Design’s wider networks support participation in national and international conference and exhibition opportunities.


Research students and early career researchers (ECRs) based in the Schools of Design and Art and Architecture are located next to the newly refurbished Learning Resource Centre at Kingston School of Art (our new name from September 2017). Researchers have access to extensive state of the art workshops that support metal, foundry, ceramics, wood, computer fabrication, digital media studios, photography and film related practice.


Kingston University is committed to building capacity of postgraduate research, PhD Mphil and MRes in all key design areas. In collaboration with the Royal College of Art and University of the Arts London, the Centre for Research through Design at Kingston University received AHRC Skills Development Funding. This consortium aims to enhance provision of skills development in practice-based and practice-led design research across the three partner institutions in collaboration with business, industry, charities, cultural and public sector organisations to form a national centre of excellence located in London.


Current Students


Bo Ban - Greenway Systems and Low Carbon Transport (PhD)


Dina Belluigi - The problem of authorship: Exploring the effects of interpretative approaches on student creativity


Jack Champ - Developing methods to encourage the uptake of support services by vulnerable individuals and to reduce anti-social behaviour, through the re-configuration and activation of specific urban situations.


Kevin Dowd - Negotiating Political Communication in Contemporary Visual Culture throughout the UK and Ireland (PhD)


Helen Goodwin - Public Life by Design? (PhD)


Ninela Ivanova - The Human-Mould-Fashion Relationship: Fungi Applications for Future Design Scenarios in Fashion and Textiles Fabrication (PhD)


Lina Khashogji - An Analysis of the impact of screen based media as an educational tool in the social development of Saudi Arabia. In the context of knowledge media and school education. (PhD)


Ruchit Purohit - Developing a participatory model using AHP (Analytic Hierarchy Process) for conservation of historic buildings (PhD)


James Ritson - Sustainable development of the suburban built environment (PhD)


Riada Shakiry - e-commerce - branding and the user experience (MA Research)


Annalisa Sonzogni - Site-Specific Modern. Photography, Moving Image and Architecture (PhD)


Purva Tavri - Organisational behaviour change towards waste re-use in UK - (PhD)


Graduated students


Mark Ballance - Issues affecting Artisan Micro-Enterprises in Under Developed Countries: A Zimbabwean Case Study (MA by Research in Sustainable Design)


Charlotte Coetzee - Sustainable product design to alleviate poverty and inequality: Exploring the linkages between the arts and crafts sector and the corporate sector in South Africa (MA by Research) Audi Scholarship


Pablo Helguera - The Speech Acts of Contemporary Art: Social and Pedagogical Scripts


Rosie Hornbuckle - Redesigned Futures: Creating new modules for utilising surplus & waste resources in design practice (PhD) AHRC Collaborative Doctoral Award


Emily King - New Faces: type design in the first decade of device-independent digital typesetting (1987-1997) (PhD)


Lucia Lu - The design of community buildings and landscapes as sustainability learning spaces that encourage sustainable behaviour (MA by Research) Audi Scholarship


Miles Park - Optimising product lifespans: The development and testing of product design strategies to minimise product obsolescence (PhD)


Regina Peldzus - Environmental design for long-duration space craft & station interiors (PhD) AHRC Scholarship


Emma Powell - Selected contemporary creators' use of rejectamenta (PhD)


James Self - Investigating the process of digital design development where there is a reduction of sensory information (PhD) Further details. HEFCE funded


Jooyoung Sohn - Theories and Practices of Meaning-Making Among Design Professionals: An Empirical Case Study in the Design Museum, London (PhD)


Maiko Tsutsumi - The Poetic of Everyday Objects: A theoretical and practical investigation into the materiality and embodiment of meaning in designed objects, with special reference to furniture and product design practice after 1988 (practice based (PhD)


Nicola White - Italian Fashion Industry Post-War (MPhil)


Regina Peldzus PhD in 'Environmental design for long-duration space craft & station interiors', received an AHRC Scholarship & was supported by Design & Avionics faculties at Kingston University.

 ©James Morris

Regina Peldzus PhD in 'Environmental design for long-duration space craft & station interiors', received an AHRC Scholarship and was supported by Design & Avionics faculties at Kingston University.

Image courtesy of James Morris, design of Halley VI Antarctic Research Station by Hugh Broughton Architects.