Hafize Nur Sılay Emir

Research Group: Research Cities, Architecture, Landscape, Environment
Award studied: PhD

Project title

The application of sustainable design principles to existing education buildings


The vast majority of buildings cannot currently meet sustainable environmental requirement standards and this includes educational institutions in many parts of the developed world. Natural resources are consumed with little consideration, and nature is considered as an unlimited resource, causing the deterioration of the ecological balance. Opportunities for developing sustainable new school buildings are obvious but there are significant limitations for sustainability in existing ones. This study focuses on existing educational spaces and the potential to make them more environmentally responsible.

The use of school buildings as a learning tool for sustainability education helps students to establish healthy relations with the physical environment and understand ecological systems, making them technologically and ecologically literate through Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), which encourages creative-thinking and active learning.

The student population represents the decision-makers of the future, and if they are educated in a sustainable learning environment, they are likely to establish a relationship with the community through schools and benefit from this education throughout their life. School buildings are significant materials in education.

The main objective of this research is to make a contribution to promoting sustainability and the improvement of existing school buildings by increasing comfort conditions, decreasing energy use, offering a healthy indoor environment, and supporting education with sustainable architecture.


Funding received

Ministry of National Education of Turkey
PhD funding

Ministry of National Education of Turkey
Masters funding

Hafize Nur Sılay Emir