Visual & Material Culture Research Centre


Situated within Kingston School of Art (our new name from September 2017), Kingston University's Visual and Material Culture Research Centre provides a focus for research in visual and material culture, and the histories of art, design, and architecture. The Centre enables academics, emerging scholars and students to conduct individual and collaborative research in a stimulating and collegiate environment that actively seeks to shape the future of Visual and Material Culture as field of inquiry. Working across a range of disciplinary methodologies, the Centre has a shared emphasis on Modernity and its futures, with work taking place on three related themes:


Historical and Critical Studies

Historiography and methodology of art, material and visual culture; Patronage, dealers, and the art market; English and European avant-gardes; The history of the art school; Inter- and cross-disciplinarity; History and genre painting; Archives and research as a practice.


Place, Space and Global Futures
Museum and gallery studies; Public sculpture; Art beyond the gallery; Activist-art and cultural activism; Collaborative and participatory practices; Local, national, and international identity; Transcultural practices; Arab women artists; Japanese popular culture; Contemporary Chinese art; Orientalism and the Middle East; The global art market.


Gender, Technology and the Human Image
Beauty; Fashioning the body; Performance art; Feminism; Heterosexuality, masculinity and conflict; Mass and new media; Photography, film, and information networks; Technological reproducibility; Biopolitics and culture.