Mr Robin Harris

School: Design School
Position: Senior Lecturer


7 years Art Education.
Worked as Illustrator:
At first I was mainly concerned with communication.

But I realized that this visual style excluded expression and the ability to show emotion so I changed:

Then I wished to bring in more colour:

Then I wanted to play with pictorial space some more:

And now I work using the computer:

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Research expertise

All my research concerns my role at Kingston University. I teach Illustration to Students from both the Occident and Orient

Ongoing research dealing with comparative studies of the differences between popular Picture Books from various countries. When I began this research I assumed that in this age a Picture Book popular in one country would likely be popular in most countries. This is not so, there are quite marked cultural differences between countries. I have sustained this research for seven years and I still find the same disparity.

Ongoing research dealing with the variety of illustration, in terms of function.

On going research dealing with the psychology of the child. Many times we are creating work whose target audience are children, I then was curious if psychology could provide insights into what concerns children at certain ages. This research is duplicated by Dr Kim, Publisher of Froebel Books Korea.

Reams of research on how others advise to write stories.

As more than half our Students come from the East I have deliberately set myself the task of knowing more about their countries and culture. Do you know who "Bao Yu" is, everyone in China would; he is the protagonist of a 5 volume novel set in the Quing Dynasty _ "The Story of the Stone", or "The Romance of the Red Chamber", considered to be a pinnacle of Chinese fiction. Similarly "Chinese History", "Journey to the West," Chinese Manhua comic, knowledge of Buddhism and Taoism. In Korea: All the Folk Tales, history of Hanguko and Chosun. Memoirs of Lady Hyegyong, Yi Sang, Kim Young-Ha, first hand talks with Korean Publishers, I have learnt to read and write hangul characters. Near East: The Qur'an, Life of Muhammad, Omar Khayyam. At present I am trying to gain more knowledge of Taiwan.

Teaching areas & responsibilities

I am Course Leader for MA Illustration Animation
I teach Illustration and provide advice on narrative to the Animators.

Professional activity

  • 1995 - 1998External Examiner, Cambridge
  • 1992 - 1993External Examiner, Harrogate

Educational and professional qualifications

  • 1974MA Royal College of Art
  • 1971Dip AD

Research groups & programmes

Robin Harris.
Robin Harris.
Robin Harris.