Ms Dagmar Glausnitzer-Smith

School: School of Art and Architecture
Position: Senior Lecturer


Dagmar I. Glausnitzer-Smith graduated in London from the Royal College of Art in 2000 and from Goldsmiths' College in 1994. After her completion of a two year Picker Fellowship at Kingston University in 2003, she has returned to Germany organizing international T.a.T.(pure action) Performance Art Workshops (, International City site-specific 12-hour Performance Art Workshops called 'Werktag' and developing the international exhibition as event -transitstation ( Transitstation took place in London 2003, Berlin 2005, Edinburgh 2006 and in Copenhagen 2010 in collaboration with the Royal Danish Academy. She is Senior Lecturer at Kingston University London and Guest Lecturer at Copenhagen and Helsinki Academies. "Thinking through the means of two-dimensional drawing, the invented space prolongs the act of transformation in the process of making an image. It is the idea of dis-placement and presentation, which involves the recognition of an object in a specific context. The auto-fictional process relates to an immediate situation in pure action."

Exhibitions and Performances: USA, Germany, UK, France, Scotland, Denmark.

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Research expertise

International Art project since 2003 – transitstation – transitstation 2010 Copenhagen

Concept: transitstation is an ongoing, international exhibition and event featuring Performance Art, music, experimental electronica, physical theatre, poetry reading, film and projection, installation, interactive performance art, fashion and lectures, workshops and presentations. 40-70 international artists collaborate to create a two-day high energy event in changing to an international context. Their work is appealing to a wide audience and generates many creative opportunities. The demographic profile is 15 % children and teenagers, 25 % University students, 55% adults and local artists and 5 % pensioners. The event has been on tour through Europe since 2003. At the centre of the space is a scaffolding system, which against all expectations for a silent visit, seems to explode with non-stop action during the 24-hour weekend event. Artists choose with their individual genre of how to integrate the sculptural structure. Performers and visitors alike become part of the work, by occupying and experiencing the space and the actions held within it. Transitstation started in London in 2003 at the Picker Gallery, Kingston University.

- transitstation is not a festival but the realisation of a concept which deals with the idea of questioning through art in action, its meaning and its conventional terminology

- the dialogue about a cooperation serves a common denominator as a parallel thematic issue of transitstation: the artist as a foreigner who arrives from different cultural background and temporarily lives, works and performs in a different (new) city. It is the question towards an existential orientation, which may have an influence upon the creative work process.

The idea transitstation remains to be a process, all the time reinstating an original and non-compromising state of the Art in Action in new relations with other future European Cities.

Present time: City Scout for new transitstation event, research into partnership and cooperation.

Teaching areas & responsibilities

Performance Art
Experimental Life Drawing
All Night Marathon Life Drawing
T.a.T. Performance Art Summer Workshop in Germany, Documenta 13 Exhibition Trip

Professional activity

  • 2012 - presentTheatre Academy Helsinki, External Examiner of Theoretical Thesis
  • 2012 - presentTheatre Academy Helsinki, TaT Performance Art Workshop
  • 2011 - presentHalle University, External Examiner of Practical Work

Educational and professional qualifications

  • 2000MA Sculpture Royal College of Art, London
  • 1997BA(Hons) Fine Art & Theoretical Studies Goldsmiths' College, London
  • 1992Foundation Course, Art & Design London, England
  • 1989Study of Philosophy Ludwig Maximilian Universitat, Munich, Germany
  • 1983Study of Art & Psychology Miami, USA

Research groups & programmes


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Glausnitzer-Smith, Dagmar I. and Jakel, Nico (2016) Schichten [Layers]. Braunschweig, Germany : Glausnitzer-Smith & Jäkel. 80p. ISBN 9783000528941

Book Section

Glausnitzer-Smith, Dagmar I. (2016) Discussion of reading on writing in a public space, transcript from a possible live situation at Five Years, May 11, 2015, 2 pm. In: Dorrian, Edward, (ed.) How to read : writing groups. How to write : reading groups. London, U.K. : Five Years. pp. 79-95. (Public Series, no. 7) ISBN 9781903724170

Conference or Workshop Item

Glausnitzer-Smith, Dagmar I., Aleahmad, Sadegh, Weber, Anniken, Balkaya, Naz, Demetriou, Emilie, Vowles, Katie, Bingham, Grant, Ord, Liz and Masterton, Lizzie (2016) Public ::: non-public. In: Performing Borders; 15-21 Oct 2016, Surbiton, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Glausnitzer-Smith, Dagmar I. [Artist], Kiais, Francesco [Artist], PASHIAS, [Artist], Zierle, Alexandra [Artist] and Carter, Paul (2016) The Marathon Cyprus Performance Art Workshop 2016. In: The Marathon Cyprus Performance Art Workshop 2016; 09 - 18 Sep 2016, Nicosia, Cyprus. (Unpublished)

Glausnitzer-Smith, Dagmar I. (2016) Wind in the China cup affair. In: Playing the Fool - Performance Workshop; 16-19 Jun 2016, Beijing, China. (Unpublished)


Glausnitzer-Smith, Dagmar [Artist] (2016) Augen Weiden, Augen Weichen. .

Glausnitzer-Smith, Dagmar [Artist] (2016) Parabiosis. Parabiosis. .

Performance/Live Event

Glausnitzer-Smith, Dagmar I. [Performer], Skoolisariyaporn, Sikarnt [Performer], Aleahmad, Seyyed Sadegh [Performer], Demetriou, Emily [Performer], Balkaya, Naz [Performer], Yuantian, Gao [Performer], Weber, Anniken [Performer], Masterton, Lizzie [Performer], Ai, Kuo [Performer], Nazari, Maryam [Performer], Ord, Liz R. [Performer], Park, JeongEun [Performer], Bingham, Grant [Performer], Carr, Tori [Performer], Hopkins, James [Performer], Khalid, Zen [Performer], Williamson, Ian [Performer], O'Flynn, Hannah [Performer], Vowles, Katie Louise [Performer] and Lee, Sang Hoon [Performer] (2016) RAZZMATAZZ 3. Performing Borders.

Glausnitzer-Smith, Dagmar [Artist] and Rues, Alexander [Musician] (2016) Knife, Scissors, Fork, Light = Messer, Schere, Gabel, Light. Open Art Festival Freiburg 2016.

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