Mr Andrew Bick

School: School of Art and Architecture
Position: Senior Lecturer


Andrew Bick is an artist and lecturer working on a critical analysis of the ambivalent nature of our relationship to Modernism. His practical and curatorial work, is based on a reappraisal of Modernist art, particularly overlooked figures such as the British Construction and Systems artists. His painting is represented in significant public and private collections worldwide, notably Haus Konstruktiv, Zurich, The British Museum, Yale Center for British Art, GoMA, Glasgow, Goldman Sachs, Speyer Family Collection, Pizutti Collection, Roche Art Collection, Basel, UBS London and Cranford Collection.

Bick is currently preparing a solo exhibition for Haus Konstruktiv, Zurich (February 2017). He has presented papers and chaired seminars at The Henry Moore Institute, TATE Modern, TATE Britain, Leeds Art Gallery, The ICA, London, and examined PhDs at The RCA, University of Oxford, Leeds University and Kingston University. He has written for Art Monthly, Art and Christianity Enquiry, The Brooklyn Rail, Kultureflash and Abstract Critical. Bick is currently Chair of Tannery Arts and on the advisory board of Drawing Room, London. He supervises PhDs at Kingston University and University of Gloucestershire. At the latter he is Reader in Fine Art.

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Research expertise

Andrew Bick's recent research projects use his painting and curatorial practice to explore the idea of conversation as a means of exhibition making, bringing together disparate and sometimes conflicting elements of the legacies of British Constructivism and Systems Art in relation to contemporary practice. Bick uses ideas of art historical research as a platform from which to both animate his own work and engage with the work of other artists. Artists he has and does collaborate with include Eva Berendes, Katrina Blannin, Liadin Cooke, Cullinan Richards, AK Dolven, Adam Gillam, Gareth Jones; and of the older generation of British Constructivists, Norman Dilworth, John Carter, Anthony Hill, Peter Lowe, Terry Pope, Jeffrey Steele and Gillian Wise. His projects aim to operate in ways that are generative, methodical in underpinning, but sometimes deliberately haphazard in presentation, with conversation being an apt model for this approach.

Both making painting and organising exhibitions in collaborative contexts are what drives Bick's ideas of analysing, discussing and persuading his audiences to engage with the contemporary successors of abstract and concrete art. Dialogue, as a means of reinterpreting overlooked and undervalued artists (and of reappraising contemporary practice), is made possible through a careful and sustained adjustment of contemporary art's relationship with the past; this is central to Bick's methods, and public lectures, seminars and discursive programming, as well as occasional review writing, are designed to complement the exhibition practice in demonstrating how this process might work.

Teaching areas & responsibilities

PhD Supervision and research lead and mentor

Internal examiner, PhD of Rahat Masud, Kingston University, 2009

Internal examiner, PhD of Yoshiko Shimada, 2014

Independent Chair, PhD by publication of Pablo Helguera, 2011

Independent Chair, PhD of Eliza Tan 2015

Professional activity

  • 2013External examiner, PhD of Eirini Boukla, Leeds University
  • 2012External examiner, PhD of Brandon Taylor, Oxford University, Ruskin School of Art
  • 2010External examiner, PhD of Daniel Baker, RCA
  • 2010 - 2015External examiner, MA Fine Art, Bath Spa University
  • 2008 - 2013Membre du Jury, Diplome and Pre-Diplome, ECAV, Sierre, Switzerland, February 2008, January and June 2010, January and June 2013

Educational and professional qualifications

  • 1988MA (Fine Art) Chelsea School of Art and Design (UAL)
  • 1986BA(Hons) Fine Art University of Reading

Conferences & events

Restaging Painting as a Conversation, paper for Staging Painting, ICA 21 July 2015

Why I wish Marlow Moss had confronted Ben Nicholson; arguments across art history as a means of rearranging contemporary positions, seminar paper for the Marlow Moss and Claude Cahun exhibition, Leeds Art Gallery, 12 June 2014.

After Constructivism study event and book launch with Brandon Taylor and Katrina Blannin, Drawing Room, London, 15 April 2014.

The implications of Pier + Ocean, a paper for United Enemies seminar, organised by Jon Wood at the Henry Moore Institute, March 2008.

Construction & its Shadow, a paper for Tate Modern Conference Abstract Connections, on Theo Van Doesburg and his impact, 25/26 March 2009.

Construction & its Shadow, convener and keynote introduction for this seminar to support my research fellowship and Leeds Art Gallery exhibition of the same name, Henry Moore Institute, 11 May 2011.

Invited lectures and panels

Conversation, for Cornerstone Arts Festival, Liverpool Hope University, November 23, 2015

Urban Encounters, TATE Britain, chair of panel with Stefan Horn and Virginia Nimarkoh, 24 October 2014

For Paint Club East, The Minories, Colchester, 17 January 2015

Against Cultural Amnesia, a Talk, The Bermondsey Project, 25 April 2013

Art around us, the function of public art, Isis Magazine at Modern Art Oxford: Andrew Bick, Jonathan Jones, Sally Shaw, David Thorp, 6 February 2013

Artists' discussion with Norman Dilworth, Huddersfield Art Gallery, 10 September 2011 and exhibition introduction, 17 September 2011

Artists Talk, Robert Mangold, Parasol Unit, 5 March 2010

Artists' Talk, Kenneth and Mary Martin, exhibition introduction with Caroline Douglas, Camden Arts Centre, 12 July 2008

Artists' Talk, Laura Owens, Camden Arts Centre, 14 November 2006

Artists' Talk Raoul de Keyser, Whitechapel Art Gallery, 20 April 2004


Hales Gallery, London
Galerie von Bartha, Basel


Curating of a pop up gallery for Derwent London at 43 Whitfield St, a programme of three exhibitions over 2012 exploring the constructivist links and associated ideas emerging from the company's ownership of 22 Fitzroy Place, where the original construction exhibitions occurred in 1951, mixing art, architecture and design.

Consultant to Derwent London, concerning the build up of a collection of works by key artists from the Construction movement, which will be housed as part of their new development in Fitzrovia, completion 2018, alongside a commission from Bick of a 3m x 5m 'Art Gate' to a pocket park as part of the section 106 agreement for the development.

Research groups & programmes

Research supervision

External research supervision

  • 2016 - presJeremy Houghton MA by Research
    University of Gloucestershire
  • 2016 - presMandikini Devi PhD
    University of Gloucestershire
  • 2012 - presAllison Neal PhD
    University of Gloucestershire
  • 2009Paul Hackett PhD
    University of Gloucestershire
  • ----Arnaud Desjardin PhD
    Kingston University


Number of items: 30.


Bick, Andrew [Artist] (2016) Thinking Outside the Box: The Museum Haus Konstruktiv Collection (1986–2016) and Guest Interventions. (painting). original work of art. Zurich, Hatje Canz. each 135 x 100 cm with 10cm spacing between. two panels, acrylic, charcoal, pencil, oil paint and watercolour on linen.

Bick, Andrew [Artist] (2014) Variant (of white and black). (Painting). 44 1/4 x 36 5/8 x 1 3/4 in. Oil paint, marker pen and wax on wood.

Bick, Andrew [Artist] (2009) The source of inspiration. (Paintings). 189cm x 122cm, 76cm x 63cm and 138cm x 122cm.


Bick, Andrew (2013) Andrew Bick. London, U.K. : von Bartha, Basel and Hales Gallery. 83p. ISBN 9783952335161

Bick, Andrew and Forest, Barbara (2011) Norman Dilworth: exhibitions 2011. Leigh, U.K. : Wigan Leisure & Culture Trust/Turnpike Gallery. 64p. ISBN 9780955504013

Bick, Andrew, ed. (2006) The Kingston turnpike. Leigh, UK : The Turnpike Gallery. 40p. ISBN 0952947080

Bick, Andrew (2005) Memory club: selected works 2003/2005. London, UK : Hales Gallery; Pants & Vest Publications. 48p. ISBN 0955118204

Gisbourne, Mark, Sherman, Sam and Bick, Andrew (2003) Sight mapping. Bilbao, Spain : Rekalde. 95p. ISBN 8488559356

Bick, Andrew (2003) Variant: Andrew Bick 1996-2003. London : EMH Arts Publications. 32p. ISBN 0953179397

Book Section

Bick, Andrew (2014) Conversation and continuity: notes on meeting the sculpture of Sophie Bouvier Auslander. In: Bick, Andrew , Brunner, Raphael , Grivel, Florence , Rivier, Delphine , Robecchi, Michelle , Rosenberg, Terry and Tissot, Karine, (eds.) Sophie Bouvier Auslander: Hotel Ausland. Gollion, Switzerland : Infolio. pp. 99-100. ISBN 9782884748179

Conference or Workshop Item

Bick, Andrew [Speaker] (2009) Redrawing the shadows; a look at affinities in constructed art. In: United enemies? Rethinking sculpture in Britain in the 1960s and 1970s; 6 Mar 2009, Leeds, U.K.. (Unpublished)


Pratt, Katie [Artist], Bick, Andrew [Artist] and Parsons, Johnathon [Artist] (2017) The Order of Things. The Order of Things. .

Bick, Andrew [Artist] (2012) Andrew Bick, school studies, an architectural problem. School studies. .

Bick, Andrew [Artist] (2012) Andrew Bick, school studies, new work and selected works. 1993 onwards. .

Bick, Andrew [Artist] (2012) School studies, ghosts, arguments. .

Bick, Andrew [Curator of an exhibition] (2011) The conversation. .

Bick, Andrew [Curator of an exhibition], Berendes, Eva [Artist], Carter, John [Artist], Cullinan, Charlotte [Artist], Dilworth, Norman [Artist], Gillam, Adam [Artist], Hatt, Christine [Artist], Hill, Anthony [Artist], Kruip, Germaine [Artist], Jones, Gareth [Artist], Lowe, Peter [Artist], Meyrick, George [Artist], Martin, Kenneth [Artist], Martin, Mary [Artist], Pasmore, Victor [Artist], Redo, Achill [Artist], Richards, Jeanine [Artist], Spencer, Jean [Artist], Steele, Jeffrey [Artist], Wise, Gillian [Artist] and Woodley, Gary [Artist] (2010) Construction and its shadow. .

Thompson, Jon [Artist], Ravenscroft, Ben [Artist], Graves, Andrew [Artist] and Bick, Andrew [Artist] (2010) Between the possible and the real: four British abstract painters. .

Bick, Andrew [Curator of an exhibition] (2009) The North Sea. The North Sea. , 30 Sep - 7 Nov 2009 , London, U.K..

Bick, Andrew [Artist], Bujnowski, Rafal [Artist], Dodge, Tomory [Artist], Falsetta, Vincent [Artist], Grahnert, Henriette [Artist], Paz, Alicia [Artist], , [Artist] and , [Artist] (2009) Slow magic. .

Bick, Andrew [Artist], Harding, Alexis [Artist], Harris, Jane [Artist] and Stubbs, Michael [Artist] (2009) Supersurface FX. .

Bick, Andrew [Artist] (2009) Systems for hesitation. , 8 May - 20 Jun 2009 , London, U.K..

Bick, Andrew [Artist] (2008) New and selected works. .

Bick, Andrew [Artist] (2003) Gloom. Gloom. , 28 Sep - 09 Nov 2003 , Wesel, Germany.

Bick, Andrew [Curator of an exhibition] (2002) Sight mapping. , 8 Sep - 30 Oct 2002 , Uddevalla, Sweden..

Bick, Andrew [Artist] (2000) Andrew Bick: Paintings. Andrew Bick: Paintings. , 23 May - 28 Jul 2000 , Galerie Hollenbach, Ganhoferstrasse 28, 70192 Stuttgart, Germany.

Bick, Andrew [Artist] (1999) Andrew Bick. Andrew Bick. , 25 Sep - 23 Oct 1999 , Hales Gallery, 70 Deptford High Street, London SE8 4RT.

Bick, Andrew [Artist] (1999) Andrew Bick. Andrew Bick. , 10 Apr - 15 May 1999 , Liebman Magnan Gallery, 552 West 24th Street, 2nd Floor, New York City, NY 10011, USA.

Bick, Andrew [Artist] (1998) Andrew Bick: Paintings. Andrew Bick: Paintings. , 17 Apr - 16 May 1998 , Eagle Gallery, 159 Farringdon Road, London EC3.

Still/Graphic Work

Bick, Andrew [Artist] (2009) OGV [canvas nostaligia]. (picture).

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OGVDS #1 v4, 2013-2016, acrylic, oil paint and wax medium on Perspex, 76 x 64 x 3.5cm
Variant t-s (shifted double echo) 2013-14 two panels each 135 x 100 x 4cm acrylic, charcoal, pencil, oil paint, watercolour and wax on linen.
Installation view with wall painting, Galerie von Bartha Basel, March 2014