Ms Jeanine Richards

School: School of Art and Architecture
Position: Associate Professor


Jeanine Richards has worked with Charlotte Cullinan as part of an artist duo since 1998. They initially collaborated as artlab and subsequently began working as Cullinan Richards in 2006.

Cullinan and Richards have chosen to work within a tight partnership that facilitates engagement with a wider set of conceptual frameworks, with support structures central to their art making. In past exhibitions Cullinan Richards investigated expanded definitions of making and activating paintings through works created in the studio and on site, using exhibitions to express abstraction and figuration as inseparable concepts and an interconnected material instability.

Recent shows have extended these interests into fracturing and dualities associated with new ideas around re-evaluating archives and a feminine materiality. The overall conceptual processes include staging and re-staging works, performance events, display strategies and repositioning histories and ideas in favor of the 'Feminine'.

Of Other Spaces: Where Does Gesture Become Event? Parts I, II Cooper Gallery DJCAD Dundee (2016); No Fun Without EU - Artists in Common, Vyner Street, London (2016); Display Show, Eastside Projects, Birmingham (2015-16); DORA, Stanley Picker Gallery (2015); Paradigm Store, Howick Place, London (2014); The Ultimate Materiality of Women Part III, Visual Arts Centre, Scunthorpe (2013); STAG, Dispari&Dispari Gallery, Italy, (2013);

As a reflection of their interest in artists providing platforms to support other artworks, in 2006 they established the Savage School Window Gallery using the window of their studio on Vyner Street, London to display texts by writers, artists and curators. In 2013 they changed this into 4COSE, collaborating with curator Andrea Sassi, to create an Italian grocery shop-as-artwork open for artists interventions and top quality parmesan cheese.

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Research expertise

Through their most recent work they have sought to explore and make explicit the strong connections with their individual approach to materials and exhibition, to a feminist strategy. The re-evaluation and materialization of archive collections and recognition of specific approaches as 'feminine' are current concerns.

2015–16 Residency at Liddell Hart Military Archives, Kings College, London, Aldywch

A Civil Soldier, Exhibition and film screening, October–November 2016

The Great Hall and River Room, Kings College, Aldwych for PLAY, Arts & Humanities Festival 2016

A Civil Soldier – Diary website

2016 Summer Residency at Verdant Works Museum, Dundee

Tales From Europe – Cullinan Richards – a staged event 07 September 2016

Cullinan Richards' research interests have explored painting/sculpture as performance/event. Their investigation of the status of the artwork within this context, as both object and support structure, also incorporates the notion of 'Collapse' as in the collapse of the figurative narrative through abstraction – and collapse of the traditional intention behind the creation of individual artworks. The two artists have worked closely with curators, museum directors, public art galleries and spaces in order to develop these themes.

Tales from Europe, Event performance with Script/Paper and exhibition design – 07 September 2016

International symposium: 12 Hour Action Group

'Annotations' Script/paper [performance], instagram artist in residence, exhibition design

Cullinan Richards' earlier research was largely concerned with how the idea of 'the exhibition' can be a medium in itself. Their decision to constantly re-negotiate their work and its position in relation to exhibition variables leads to a consideration of the walls, the space, the floor, the ceiling, and the intentions behind the idea of an exhibition in the curatorial sense. This approach also facilitates further artistic reflections linked to the question of how sculpture/painting/fine art practice and production is situated within the constantly changing field of wider cultures – in terms of the visual, political, international, economic and technological.

Radio 4 Interview with Nick Hymes 2016 for No Fun Without EU, Artists in Common (from 27mins 08 secs)

Charlotte Cullinan on Cullinan Richards interviewed by Celeste Baracchi for C#2016

Teaching areas & responsibilities

School Director of Research, Contemporary Art Research Centre co-ordinator, PhD supervision, Postgraduate Fine Art teaching

Professional activity

  • 2014 - 2016Stanley Picker Public Lecture Series Curators 2014, 2015, 2016 ICA
  • 2012 - presentSelectors for New Contemporaries

Educational and professional qualifications

  • 1991MA Fine Art Painting Chelsea College of Art

Research groups & programmes

Research supervision


Number of items: 25.


Cullinan, Charlotte [Artist], Richards, Jeanine [Artist] and Lawrence, David [Typographer] (2008) Savage School Window Gallery box set. (Box containing serigraphed cards). London, U.K., Cullinan and Richards.

Cullinan, C., Richards, J. and Nixon, L. (2004) Iglesia universal en plein air. (Installation). 6 x 6 x 3 m.

Cullinan, C. and Richards, J. (2004) Home entertainment system. (Installation). 4m x 4m. ISBN 9608808006


Cullinan, Charlotte and Richards, Jeanine (2009) Savage school window gallery. KIOSK(3), pp. 57-59. ISSN (print) 1755-9626


Cullinan, Charlotte and Richards, Jeanine (2011) Collapse 08-2011. [London] : Cullinan Richards. 103p. ISBN 9781908452061

Book Section

Baghramian, Nairy, Cullinan, Charlotte, Richards, JeanineDa and Nashashibi, Rosalind (2012) Participating beyond the lone object: reflections on the new contemporaries selection process. In: Daly, Eileen and Heald, Rebecca, (eds.) Bloomberg new contemporaries 2012. London, U.K. : New Contemporaries [1988] Ltd. pp. 7-10. ISBN 9780956613325

Conference or Workshop Item

Cullinan, Charlotte [Contributor] and Richards, Jeanine [Contributor] (2016) Annotations. In: International Symposium : 12 Hour Action Group : Of Other Spaces : Where Does Gesture Become Event?; 03 Dec 2016, Dundee, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Cullinan, Charlotte and Richards, Jeanine (2014) Contingent slide show 2014. In: Urban Encounters 2014 : Movements/Mobilities/Migrations; 24-25 Oct 2014, London, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Cullinan, Charlotte and Richards, Jeanine (2014) Cullinan Richards. In: Slade Contemporary Art Lectures 2013/14; 22 Oct 2013 - 19 Mar 2014, London, U.K.. (Unpublished)


Cullinan, Charlotte [Artist] and Richards, Jeanine [Artist] (2016) Of other spaces : where does gesture become event? Of other spaces : where does gesture become event? .

Cullinan, Charlotte [Curator of an exhibition] and Richards, Jeanine [Curator of an exhibition] (2016) A civil soldier. Arts & Humanities Festival 2016. .

Cullinan, Charlotte [Artist], Richards, Jeanine [Artist] and Celine, Condorelli [Curator of an exhibition] (2016) Display Show [2nd edition]. Display Show. .

Cullinan, Charlotte [Artist] and Jeanine, Richards [Artist] (2015) Display Show. Display Show. .

Cullinan, Charlotte [Artist] and Richards, Jeanine [Artist] (2014) Contingent exhibitionists : evidence of a connected approach, like spaghettini and string. Paradigm Store. .

Cullinan, Charlotte [Artist] and Richards, Jeanine [Artist] (2014) Paradigm store. Paradigm store. .

Cullinan, Charlotte [Curator of an exhibition] and Richards, Jeanine [Curator of an exhibition] (2013) Mise-en-scene. Bow Arts 0pen Show at the Bemondsey Project. .

Plavcak, Katrin [Curator of an exhibition], Cullinan, Charlotte [Curator of an exhibition] and Richards, Jeanine [Curator of an exhibition] (2013) STAG : Berlin/London. STAG : Berlin/London. .

Bick, Andrew [Curator of an exhibition], Berendes, Eva [Artist], Carter, John [Artist], Cullinan, Charlotte [Artist], Dilworth, Norman [Artist], Gillam, Adam [Artist], Hatt, Christine [Artist], Hill, Anthony [Artist], Kruip, Germaine [Artist], Jones, Gareth [Artist], Lowe, Peter [Artist], Meyrick, George [Artist], Martin, Kenneth [Artist], Martin, Mary [Artist], Pasmore, Victor [Artist], Redo, Achill [Artist], Richards, Jeanine [Artist], Spencer, Jean [Artist], Steele, Jeffrey [Artist], Wise, Gillian [Artist] and Woodley, Gary [Artist] (2010) Construction and its shadow. .

Cullinan, Charlotte [Artist] and Richards, Jeanine [Artist] (2010) Collapse V. .

Cullinan, Charlotte [Artist] and Richards, Jeanine [Artist] (2010) Cullinan Richards. British Art Show 7: in the days of the comet. .

Cullinan, Charlotte [Artist] and Richards, Jeanine [Artist] (2009) Positions: the primitive (part 1) and Positions: the cavegirl (part 2). .

Richards, Jeanine [Artist] and Cullinan, Charlotte [Artist] (2008) Strippers. .

Still/Graphic Work

Cullinan, Charlotte [Artist] and Richards, Jeanine [Artist] (2010) Collapse into abstract. (Painting). 162.5 x 136.5 cm. Glass paint on plywood, plywood frame.

Cullinan, Charlotte [Artist] and Richards, Jeanine [Artist] (2010) The ultimate materiality of women. (Poster).

Performance/Live Event

Cullinan, Charlotte [Artist] and Richards, Jeanine [Artist] (2016) Tales from Europe. Cooper Summer Residency 2016 : Cullinan Richards : Tales From Europe.

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A Modular Infrastructure In Concert With Cooper Gallery, Cullinan Richards 2016
Installation view 'Stadium Sculpture', Collapse Version V, Dispari&Dispari, Reggio Emilia, Italy, 11 December 2010 - 13 February 2011
Installation view 'Collapse into Abstract (black)' and 'Vertical Realism' (2010), BAS 7, Nottingham Castle Museum, 22 October 2010 - 9 January 2011
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