Ms Alice Foxley

School: School of Art and Architecture
Position: Principal Lecturer


Alice Foxley is a trained architect and landscape architect by profession with twelve years of experience in practice. She runs her own practice called Studio Karst Ltd. in Basel, with projects to date in Switzerland, England, Germany and the Netherlands. Foxley's work stems from an interest in how art and design processes can challenge and influence the inherent growth, decay and change of places to achieve coherent identities and structures. Walking, hand-drawing and model-making are integral to her working methods. In particular her practical research into ways in which walking can critically inform a landscape design process has been recognised by peers.

Foxley holds a part time post at Kingston University, visiting monthly to teach. This teaching role is located within the academic framework that Foxley co-developed for the School of Architecture in her former role as director of undergraduate landscape.

Foxley has been based in Switzerland since 2003. Prior to setting up her own practice she was employed for eight years at Vogt Landscape Architects in Zurich, where she was responsible for co-developing and leading with Guenther Vogt the research and development studio. Key projects included Novartis Campus Park in Basel and the Tate Modern landscape extension. Foxley is Author of the Vogt Landscape Monograph Distance & Engagement: Walking, thinking and making landscape published by Lars Mueller, 2010.

Henrik Schulz has written a chapter on Alice Foxley's research for Vogt Landscape Architects in his book Landschaften auf den Grund Gehen. Wandern als Erkenntnismethode beim Grossraumigen Landschaftsentwerfen. 2014. Jovis Verlag. (Currently only available in German).

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Research expertise

Landscape design
How walking can critically inform a landscape design process
Landscape design led by hand-drawing and model-making
Landscape education

Educational and professional qualifications

  • 2003Master of Architecture Bath University
  • 1999BA(Hons) Architecture Newcastle University

Research groups & programmes

Distance and Engagement: walking, thinking and making landscape: Vogt Landscape Architects (Switzerland: Lars Muller Publishers, 2010)