Photography Workshop



Photography Workshop: Studios
The studios provide open access for students where staff will be available
to provide support to use these facilities. The areas comprise of two studios
that are designed to accommodate the varying scales of work production
and include: table top, copy stand, half backdrop and a full-length backdrop.
Each area has studio flash lighting & accessories.

Photography Workshop: Traditional Darkrooms
Our darkrooms comprise: a black & white darkroom for dish and machine
printing, a colour darkroom, a hand film-processing room and a daylight-calibrated viewing station to support print assessment. Both darkrooms have De Vere
enlargers for making prints from 35mm, to medium and large-format negatives.
A colour negative film processing service is offered free of charge to all students.

Photography Workshop: Digital Darkrooms
Our digital areas feature: high-end workstations with calibrated monitors,
quality input & output devices and colour assessment viewing booths.
Hardware includes: Mac Pro computers, NEC Spectraview and EIZO monitors,
Imacon flextight film scanners, A4 & A3 Epson Pro flatbed scanners and
Epson large-format printers.

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