2016 Kingston University MA Photography Degree Show

    Jiaheng Cao 2016 MA Photography Jiaheng Cao, 2016

    Kingston University is pleased to announce the 2016 MA photography Degree Show featuring five graduating photographers:

    Jiaheng Cao
    Cristina Dragne
    Le-I Lin
    Ellie Parlak
    Sean Wyatt

    This diverse group of photographers present exciting and challenging work developed for their final major project. Jiaheng Cao has made a series of colour portraits of Asian students studying in the UK with an emphasis on facial expression, body language, and cultural artifacts. Cristina Dragne’s modular installation focuses on mass data-gathering (“big data”) and digital tracking to make visible the intrusion and violence of digital surveillance. Le-I Lin evolves her evocative abstract images from cut-up pieces of 35mm analogue film that have been exposed to the light. The work explores the impermanence of time by refusing figuration on one hand, and on the other, negating the proliferation and seemingly indestructible nature of digital images. Accompanying the work is her short performative film. Ellie Parlak is interested in ambiguity of shape, form and meaning in her still life photographs of objects. Sean Wyatt’s performative object-based interventions explore the proximity of man-made structures and natural woodland areas contesting and challenging conventions of landscape photography.

    Private View: 21 September 216, 5–8pm

    Opening hours
    19–24 September 2016
    Monday to Friday 10–6pm
    Saturday 10–4pm

    Studio NE112
    Kingston University
    Knights Park Campus, Grange Rd,
    Kingston upon Thames KT1 2QJ

    MA photography degree show 2016

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