Mr Roman Vasseur

School: School of Art and Architecture
Position: Senior Lecturer


Roman Vasseur's artworks, curatorial projects and writing redeploy appropriated filmic and political narratives and through their placement effect material fictions and 'publics'. The practice is both a means of occupying and re-fictionalising these events, spaces and communities. In 2000 the transportation of a crate of earth from Transylvania to Los Angeles via London and New York resulted in the merging of a gothic fiction with the banalities of transporting a material to its cinematic point of origin. Past projects have employed drawing, painting, video, writing and architecture as constituent parts of these interventions. The works often question the role of 'culture' as component of these grand narratives and has for example advocated the ritualized death of a public artist as an alternative to the use of 'art' in projects of state-building. Vasseur has exhibited at Jeffrey Charles Gallery, London, the ICA, EAST International 06; the Bildmuseet at Umeå and Project, Dublin. As well as teaching at Kingston University he continues to lecture, teach and publish in the UK, Europe and the USA. He has contributed to conferences and panel discussions at Tate Britain, the ICA and Milton Keynes Gallery.

2012 Social Housing – Housing the Social: Art, Property and Spatial Justice. SKOR Foundation for Art and Public Domain
2011 Let Us Pray for Those Now Residing in the Designated Area. Publication with Kynastonmcshine Gallery.
2009 No Room to Move: Radical Art and the Regenerate City. Survey of art and regeneration in the UK. Published by Mute Magazine
2008 Material magazine – John Stuart Mill Executes his Father – Journal of artist's writings.
2006 Time Out – Review of FALK at MOT Gallery – Gabriel Coxhead
2006 Frieze Magazine – Review of East International '06 – Tom Morton
2006 Art Monthly – Review East International '06 –David Barrett
2006 Little Private Governments - University Gallery, University of Essex. Publication – ISBN 1-904059-414
2006 London in Six Easy Steps: Real Estate. Publisher ICA. ISBN 1900300478
2004 Time Out - London. Review - Sally O'Reilly
2003 Vinduet magazine, Denmark. Critical theory journal. Feature and interview by Lajla Rolstadt.
2003 Version, magazine- Feature 500 Pounds….
2002 Los Angles Times – review, Leah Ollman.
2002 Strange Attractor at Resonance FM – interview with journalist Mark Pilkington.
2000 Taking Over. Catalogue. Text by Daniel Birnbaum.
2000 Mute Magazine. Review: JJ Charlesworth
2000 Art Monthly. Review: David Burrows.
2000 500 Pounds of Common... 250 Edition publication to accompany the exhibition at the Austrian Cultural Forum supported by the London Institute.
2000 UNTITLED Magazine, Artist's Project Page. Editor Polly Staple.
2000 Guardian Newspaper. Feature 'Earth to Earth': Tim Radford.
1999 INDENT. Review of recent artists publishing projects Published by The London Institute.

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Research expertise

The research tests the notion that 'the social' has become the 'software' of its own representation in culture and politics; a claim which renders the human component of that 'software' an empty centre of ideology and art. This research builds on a practice that interrogates the means of representing and constructing 'the social' in liberal democracies and tests the logic of culture's claims for freedom and reason against its ethical precepts.
Whether it is transporting a crate of earth from Transylvania to Los Angeles, planning the ritual execution of an international mural artist or disinterring a town's original master-plan as a noirish, material fiction, past work has constructed scenarios around which the 'social' materialises as an unstable, mythological and sometimes horrific figure ' a figure that cannot be looked upon directly but remains forceful nonetheless. It is the materiality of this figure-without-ground that is the focus of forthcoming research. Can the figure of the human be eclipsed and publicness reformulated?
Key research outputs include:
I am the Sun and Cannot be Gazed Upon Fixedly. Forthcoming solo project for kynastonmcshine project space, London – September 2012
Let Us Pray for Those Now Residing in the Designated Area. Lead Artist for Harlow New Town. 2007 – ongoing
The Franchise. Single channel video work. 2008

Teaching areas & responsibilities

Senior Lecturer in the School of Fine Art, teaching and module leading undergraduate cohorts and supervising research students.

Kingston University, London part time Senior Lecturer, (BA Fine Art), 2009- present
School of Creative Arts, UWE Bristol. Part time Senior Lecturer, 2001 - 2006.

Chelsea College of Art, MA Curating and Critical Writing
Byam Shaw School of Art, London
Universita IUAV di Venezia, Italy
Architectural Association, London
Glasgow School of Art
Kingston University, Faculty of Art & Design & Architecture School
Norwich School of Art & Design
Bristol, UWE
Chelsea College of Art and Design

Professional activity

  • 2009Validation carried out for Chelsea College of Art, MA Critical Writing & Curatorial Practice
  • 2003Birmingham Institute of Art & Design Post Graduate Course in Public Art Practices

Educational and professional qualifications

  • 1991MA, Fine Art, Sculpture Royal College of Art
  • 1989BA(Hons) Fine Art, Sculpture Chelsea College of Art & Design

Conferences & events

2011 Social Housing – Housing the Social: Art Property and Spatial Justice. Conference organised by SKOR Foundation for Art and Public Domain, Amsterdam
Arnolfini, Bristol 2009
Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester. MMU Talks Programme 2009
Goldsmiths College - Political Currency of Art Research Group, 2008
Royal Academy of Arts 2008
Wimbledon College of Art 2008 & 2007
Universita IUAV di Venezia, Italy 2005
Glasgow School of Art 1999
Otis College of Art & Design, Los Angeles 2006
Royal College of Art 1998
Norwich School of Art & Design

The Trouble with Theatre – Panel Discussion ICA. 2011
The Contingency of Curation - Tate Britain, June 2010
Institute of Psychoplasmics –Battersea Pump House Gallery 2008
On Liberty & Art – How do artists engage with liberty as aesthetic practice, historical concept and public discourse? Symposium at Tate Britain. Other speakers included Amanda Beech, Dave Beech, Pil and Galia Kollectiv, Bob & Roberta Smith and John Russell. 2006
Little Private Governments -University Gallery, University of Essex. 2006
Pilot:2 International Art Forum, London. 2005
London in Six Easy Steps: Real Estate. ICA. Panelists included Dave Beech and Hewitt & Jordan. 2005


2011 I am the Sun and Cannot be Gazed Upon Fixedly. KynastonMcShine Gallery. Solo exhibition
2010 The Mortar of Distribution. LoBe Gallery, Berlin. Curated by Matt Poole
2009 Let Us Pray for Those Now Residing in the Designated Area, Die Neue Aktions Gallery, Berlin
2009 Lead Artist Harlow New Town, Essex, England - Curated and commissioned temporary artworks.
2008 Institute of Psychoplasmics, curated by Pil & Galia Kollectiv, Battersea Pump House Gallery, London
2008 Publication project with Jeffrey Charles Henry Peacock Gallery, London, England
2008 Archway Polytechnique – Multi-site project by Byam Shaw School of Art, London, England
2007 Pilot:3, Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy
2007 One Way Street, KX Gallery, Hamburg
2007 One Way Street, Sheppard Fine Arts Gallery, University of Nevada, Reno, USA
2006 I AM THE FLY, curated by Gail Pickering, FRAC Marseille, France
2004 - 2007 Murder Considered As a Fine Art: The Ritualised Death of the International Mural Artist. Originally shown at the Jeffrey Charles Gallery, London & ICA, Institute of Contemporary Art, London, England
2006 EAST International '06 – Selectors Jeremy Deller & Dirk Snauwaert, Norwich, England
2006 Little Private Governments, University Gallery, University of Essex, England
2005 Black Propaganda at Melancholy Ranch, aired daily on local television to the High Desert communities of the Morongo Basin, Southern California, USA
2005 Real Estate – Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA), London, England
2004 Zoo Art Fair, London, England
2003 Burn this Artwork - for High Desert Test Sites (HDTS). A-Z Projects West, Joshua Tree, USA
2003 Franz West & Friends, Austrian Cultural Foundation, London.
2000 500 Pounds of Common Earth, 1 Metre Cubed, Transylvania to Los Angeles - 500 Pounds of earth excavated from the Borgo Pass, Transylvania, Romania contained in a 1 metre cubed wooden crate and transported via Vienna, London and Dublin arrived California August 2002. Exhibited at: Austrian Cultural Foundation (ACF), London; Project Gallery, Temple Bar Dublin; RAID Projects, Los Angeles and the Centre for Land Use Interpretation (CLUI), Mojave Desert
2000 Austrian Cultural Foundation (ACF), London, UK
2000 Taking Over at Bildmuseet, Umeå, Sweden. Catalogue essay by Daniel Birnbaum
2001 Project, Temple Bar, Dublin, Ireland
2002 210 Eleventh Av., New York, USA
2002 Raid Projects, 602 Moulton Avenue, Los Angeles. CA, USA
2002 'The Consignment' has been moved to an open air storage facility courtesy of The Center for Land Use Interpretation (CLUI). 500 Pounds of Common Earth


2007 – 2010 Lead Artist for Harlow New Town – A two and half year commission to inflect the revision of the town's post-war masterplan. Harlow was Britain's first post war New Town envisaged as total artwork by its master planner Sir Frederick Gibberd and in possession of Britain's largest civic collection of post-war sculpture. The role and a series of artists projects were curated under the title Let Us Pray for Those Now Residing in the Designated Area

Research groups & programmes

Research supervision


Number of items: 8.


Ayache, Elie [Interviewee] and Vasseur, Roman [Interviewer] (2016) My Matter. Journal of Visual Art Practice, 15(2-3), pp. 107-115. ISSN (print) 1470-2029


Vasseur, Roman (2011) Let us pray for those now residing in the designated area. London, U.K. : kynastonmcshine. 51p. ISBN 9780956845900

Book Section

Vasseur, Roman (2012) Let us pray for those now residing in the designated area. In: Phillips, Andrea and Erdemci, Fulya, (eds.) Social housing, housing the social: art, property and spatial justice. Berlin, Germay : Sternberg Press. pp. 183-201. ISBN 9783943365177

Conference or Workshop Item

Vasseur, Roman (2014) Intro to symposium. In: Neo-Medievalisms: Goldsmith's Art PhD Symposium; 27-29 Jan 2014, London, U.K.. (Unpublished)


Vasseur, Roman [Artist] (2013) Designs towards a meeting place for future events of universal truth. .

Vasseur, Roman [Artist] (2013) Dead stock. .

Vasseur, Roman [Curator of an exhibition] (2008) Let us pray for those now residing in the designated area (Art and the New Town). Art and the New Town. .


Vasseur, Roman (2010) Public art in Essex: Genius Loci the first three years: evaluation. (Project Report) Chelmsford, U.K. : Essex County Council. 10 p.

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The Franchise - single channel video work. Duration 4 mins 25 secs. Detail: still from video.
500 pounds of Common Earth, 1 Metre Cubed, Transylvania to Los Angeles (installed at the Desert Research Station of the Centre for Land Use Interpretation)
Cursed Commission, Detail, Dimensions: 400 x 400 cm, Acrylic paint ply board sections.